While I'm waiting...

I was never very good at waiting. I guess I’m impatient by nature, although I went fishing once with my younger brother auspiciously to learn to cast, but the fact was that I wanted to tan my Irish white legs. Is there any paler skin than that of the Irish? I remember as a child going to the beach with my family and being so completely devasted by my fathers white body in comparison to his face and arms that I would have died right there in the sand if any of my friends had shown up.
But I was talking about patience, not the color of my skin which I no longer mind. My brother deemed me a very patient person on the afternoon that he taught me to cast a fishing line. Still..I don’t like waiting.
What I've been waiting on lately is for the domain for my website to be transferred from one host to another and we’re now going into the second week. Is this normal? Who knows. I’ve emailed them and of course they've assured me that this is well within the realms of reason. What else would they say.

It’s really not all that important or I would be doing more about it than typing futile words of complaint on a blog. On a scale this is a very tiny annoyance.
I hope your day is going well. ♥

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