the oh my gosh glories of glass..

I know. I am impassioned with the stuff and my name is Glass Nerd, I freely admit it.
I'm enthralled with the silver laden glasses that have stormed the lampwork industry lately.
Double Helix's Psyche, Terra, Gaia...and Ron Jr's Chagall, Monet..and oh so many many more! Those aren't the only companies that are producing the beauteous stuff and those aren't even the very latest to come out; they're just the ones I've tried. Moocho Moola is needed so I've been reticent in buying. I was very graciously gifted with much of what I do have and was so joyous the day that package came in the mail that I embarrassed even myself...ask my family. At some point they discreetly left the room while I tried to compose myself.
These are some of the latest focal beads from my studio and are up on
Ebay and Etsy at the moment.

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