..and in with the New!

Why is it always so thrilling to see the old year end and new begin? isn't it all pretty much more of the same anyway? and yet there's an air of anticipation at the start of a brand new year. And an urge to purge. Bodies..closets. I've ordered a body cleanse from some holistic chinese web site..ah well, it can't hurt, right?
funny how that sentence just sort of hangs there.
2008 is the Year of the Rat according to the Chinese Zodiac.
In Japan, each year assumes one of the 12 animal symbols of the Chinese Zodiac, and 2008 is the Year of the Rat, the first of the cycle. According to various sayings and lessons regarding stock transactions, the Year of the Rat is considered the year of prosperity, when stock prices mark a dramatic surge.
This is good news for the year. Due to its strong propagating power, the rat is considered a symbol of "prosperity of one's posterity" and "increasing one's assets." This is why stock prices are believed to rise in the Year of the Rat.
All the old sayings on the stock market linked with the Chinese Zodiac calendar are kinds of superstition. However, if you look at past data, you will be surprised to see a certain consistency between individual Zodiac symbols and market performances that you cannot simply declare as rooted in superstition.

~taken from http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/dy/business/20080101TDY03304.htm

We're not ringing in with noise makers or doing anything special tonight. We're being quiet as usual. I am not a party girl. and although my guy is the proverbial party guy, he's out of the running tonight so we're ringing in the new year quietly. I do plan on doing some closet organizing and purging of basement clutter though. Thrilling, I know but it just seems like a good time for that.
Happiest of all New years to each of you! and however you choose to ring it in, stay safe. I hope 2008 brings us all the things we need and want in out lives. and most of all, without sounding trite and because my youngest son is wanting adventure and thinks that may be found by joining the army...I wish and pray for peace. Peace in 2008.

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